In order for a farmer, rancher, or other land manager to be able to enroll acres with ECCI® and produce real carbon credits, land management practices have to be documented, implemented and set forth in a carbon scavenging contract following the practices described on our Data Driven Credits page.  All carbon scavenged and stored on a site-specific land unit must exceed the amount that would have otherwise occurred if the land unit were left unmanaged. This principle is called additionality

Acres enrolled with ECCI® have initial carbon capture baselines determined before carbon scavenging plant and land management is implemented.  This makes it possible to accurately measure the existing (baseline) and new (additional) amounts of CO2 captured by plants grown on the land each year.  Without baselines, contracts, and deliberate management, land units will not produce verifiable ECCI® real carbon credits, nor meet additionality tests specified by voluntary and regulated programs around the world.