Licensing and Patents


Site Licensing

Site Licenses to use ECCI's patented carbon quantification technology are available to qualified individuals and organizations.

Such entities might include but are not limited to individuals, businesses and organizations both for profit and not-for-profit. Establishing a network of sub-license holders across the U.S. allows farmers, ranchers and other landowners access to ECCI's patented carbon quantification technology while working with local, trained carbon management professionals.

Certificates for amounts of sequestered carbon stored in agricultural landscapes may be thought of as being similar to warehouse receipts for grain stored in bonded grain storage warehouses. Just as grain is used domestically and around the world, certified carbon credits may be used domestically and exported to global customers.

Agricultural landscape managers need to position themselves in the carbon market to financially benefit themselves and their clients. Carbon credits are expected to advance in value from the current nominal amount to as much as $13.00 per ton of CO2 over the next ten years. The first step necessary to claim and monetize credits from agricultural activities is to contract ECCI to establish a carbon account on units of land. A carbon account is an inventory of the physical attributes of the unit and historic land use and vegetative cover. From this information an evaluation of carbon storage or loss will be established for reference in validating future carbon storage. This determination is a critical aspect for future carbon income potential on the land unit. ECCI's site licensees fully understand the complexities of this determination.


> US Patent No. 5,887,547 granted for processes that sequester carbon from the atmosphere into grassy and herbaceous plants and the soil they grow in; also for methods to measure and quantify amounts of greenhouse gases removed from the air on an annual basis.

> US Patent No. 5,975,020 granted for processes that sequester atmospheric carbon in the controlled growth of woody plants, the soil they grow in and the humification of animal waste and plant material other than roots as well as methods to measure and quantify such amounts of sequestered carbon.

> US Patent No. 6,115,672 granted for a method of measuring carbon credits to be sold to a purchaser of carbon credits or the equivalent International patent information is available upon request.